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What is PODIUM?

PODIUM is an integrated online learning platform that delivers personalized course content and adaptive user experience to match the user’s specific learning need. 

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Features of Podium

We sought to keep both the Learner and the Learning Institution in mind. Here are some key features of Podium:

Learn at Your Pace

People learn differently. some people grasp concepts faster, while others may need to try a couple times. So, if you get it, move ahead. If you need to try again, please do.

Learning at the speed of You!

Global Access

Podium is a cloud based solution, so connect to it anywhere! In class, at the park, where ever you are connected, access the course work you need. Learning institutions can use the cloud or their own private network. It’s

Online Learning with you in mind.

Better Results

Our goal is to improve course scores and course completion rates. We aim for true mastery. This benefits both the learner and the institution as it incentivises outcomes that are mutually beneficial.

Do Better!!

Real Time Data

Get personalized feedback and “in course” routing using analytics. Get real time data to enhance your decision making. Use data to pin point problem areas, address then quickly and see improved results.

Data Driven Decision Making.

Access Podium

Podium via Web

Podium users can use their desktop, laptop or tablet to access the many rich features. Users need to have internet access to be able to run the LTI  integration that is used for personalized and adaptive learning.

Access Podium

Podium via App

Podium can be accessed via your mobile device. This allows for users to access Podium as a mobile site or use the Moodle app and connect to Podium.  Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download the Moodle app to your iOS or Android device now!

Tell Me More!!!

Personalized and Adaptive Learning

Personalized and adaptive learning techniques provide focused teaching that caters to the specific needs of individual students and provide more than one way to test skills and help students apply what they have learned.

Empower Learners

Put  students in control of when, how and why they learn

Be Comprehensive

Present learning material in a more comprehensive and thorough way through multiple paths.

Flexible Learning

Unique experiences based on style, preferences and requirements

Increase Efficiency

Institutions can take advantage of more efficient methods of teaching delivery

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What Our Clients Say

Having completed our trials, here is what some of our customers had to say about Podium.

“We wanted to take The Power of Choice workbook online  making it personalized and dynamic. Podium was the easily the best choice for us.”

Errol Griifith
CEO – The power of choice

“Our goal is to offer students who cannot make it to classes the opportunity to complete their courses. Podium provided regional access for our students.”

Sandra Boyce
registrar – CHoG leadership Institute

“We were looking to offer our courses locally, regionally and internationally, and Podium offered us the best solution to start small and grow.”

Sharie McGeary
Tutor – pbhC clinic and school

Some of Our Customers

These customers have already joined the revolution to Transform Learning. Be on the cutting edge of Personalized and Adaptive Learning with PODIUM.




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